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In over 30 years of applications, the graphite mold process has proven itself time and again to be a superior solution in Zinc and Aluminum casting.

With over 30 years of experience, Primecast Manufacturing is a founding leader in providing cost-effective graphite mold solutions. With a fully equipped CNC machine shop, a reputation for quality and attention to customer needs, we take pride in offering not only quality castings, but machined/assembled components and parts as well.

We reliably supply North American Manufacturers with quality, precision castings in very economical batch quantities. In this manner, we keep our customers' inventory investments to a minimum, while maintaining responsive assembly times.

Owner, Bill Schwenger and the team at Primecast Manufacturing have over 30 years experience in the metal casting and machining industry. This experience ensures that they produce quality castings for their customers in an efficient and timely manner

Centrally located in the Niagara Peninsula (near Niagara Falls), Primecast offers overnight trucking to the greater Toronto area, New York, Detroit and Chicago.